Hebrew Israelite Scriptures

What The Mishpacha Has To Say!

I'm happy to see a true Hebrew give us our story back with the Hebrew names of our ancient fathers and mothers.I know this brother in the love he has for Yah in his son Yahushua
"Restoring Truth" To restore the Name is to restore the light here in darkness...Todah Rabah Mishpacha for your hard and dedication in returning Truth to what was lost....HalleluYah!!! Yah Khai!!!
Yahyl Yisrael, Atlanta,Ga
I love the PDF it is a well done translation. I will continue to support.
Michael Callion,
Shalom to you all in this journey! May Yah direct you alls steps and give you shalom as you continue this work!
Mark Smith,
I give praise to TMH in what he has and is doing to correct what the devil has tried to confuse and destroy. HIS WORD.
Akoti Carolyn Israel,
My entire family has been blessed through your ministry. Toda!
Roland and Denise Wornor,
May Yahweh bless you richly in your efforts to restore the Hebraic for all of Yisrael to come back unto the way, lifestyle, and culture of Yisrael. in the name of Yahshua Ha Mashiach. Amen.
Marquest Burton,
Blessed am I to witness the passion behind bringing this project to fruition. Even more blessed are those who will experience HIS word restored to its original Hebraic text and meaning thus restoring the appropriate and intended power to Yah's word. May TMH continue to move this project forward so that it may be a blessing for generations to come.
AviYah Ya'aqob,
All praises unto YAH for his faithfulness and loving kindness...I am truly excited and thankful for the restoration of our holy manuscript...our Hebraic Israelite culture... And the foundation of who we are starts... Continues and will be for ever present in our Abba YAH'S word...I can't wait to lay my hands and eyes on this powerful fulfillment and mostly to hand it down unto our future..Our inheritance..Our children who will read about our elohim and ancestors..Who believed and trusted in him and his fulfilled promise our masiach...Yahusha...All praises for his promises of restoring his children...
Michelle Byron,
Thx for what you do
Josh Robinson,
I am so grateful to be living in these times I look forward to the Hebrew Isralites scriptures. It is definitely needed in this hour. Yes we know when Messiyah YAHUSHA Ha Mashiak Comes he will restore a pure language. With this book coming out it will put alot of things to rest. I look forward to reading a bible for Hebrews by Hebrews. We know with many translations words can get lost and loose it true meaning. Not saying the KJV isn't a great book . One love and shalawam let's support us each other
Abiymelek Yahudah,
I use a CEPHER that has helped me learn the Hebrew names of the books and correct names of the Scriptures, but would also like to have a copy of
The Hebrew Israelite Scriptures!


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